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Keith's Radio Interview
with Kate Delaney

Hey, I’m

Keith L Wright

Published Author

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About Me

I live in Princess Risborough in Buckinghamshire with my beautiful wife of 53 years. I have two amazing grown up children that I'm incredibly proud of and now three grandchildren.


I started my working career in the West End of London during the 1970s in the finance industry and had no shortage of memorable experiences including dining at the Playboy and the Penthouse Club. On occasions, I even rubbed shoulders with the likes of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in the first-ever Hard Rock Cafe.


I've seen the development of the UK from the 70s to the new millennium. Over the years I've moved to Croydon, Jersey in the Channel Islands, Birmingham, and a small village in Devon in the West Country and now reside in Buckinghamshire.


 I've observed the people of all these very different parts of England and learned about their different cultures and ways of life. Regularly moving from his home in Buckinghamshire and to a property in the Canary Islands, he has a keen view of people's attitudes to life. This and all my experiences are what's influenced my keen interest in writing.

Learn about my books

The Blacksmith's Arms

The Blacksmith’s Arm is the account of two young men growing up in a world which was becoming increasingly brutal and violent.


They have difficulty in finding their place within their families and amongst their peers. They feel awkward with girls and long for intimate or even sexual contact.

Similar lives in a lot of ways, but they live centuries apart. One, a blacksmith’s son. lives around the time of the English Civil War and the other, the son of a publican, lives shortly after the start of the millennium. Stirred by the stories from visitors to the forge or pub, and angry for reasons they don’t even know, they leave home and encounter extreme violence in a life-changing way.

Nothing is certain anymore, not even love.  History seems to be repeating itself and life becomes even more uncertain.







The Life of a Trouser


In my quest to find the truth I have travelled to many parts of the world. I discovered clothes are particularly shy when asked about themselves and this has made my quest difficult. Finally, in a small borough of London, I managed to find a garment that was prepared to talk to me about his life. I have, of course, changed the names to protect those involved, but the story my trouser tells is both harrowing and sensitive. In promoting this book I hope at the very least you will consider your own garments and treat them with respect.

This book gives a rare insight into the real life of a garment and how they suffer and live their lives in concert with us. It reveals an incredible loyalty to its owner not as a slave but as a real caring individual. We trace the life of one garment, a trouser, from its beginnings through life to a final conclusion.

I warn you some of the stories are quite disturbing but believe me when I tell you this is not just a local problem it is a worldwide horror. It is difficult to believe that in this modern day garments can be treated so badly so I ask you to do everything you can to promote good will towards garments in general.


I personally have decided not to wear clothes anymore and hope many of you will join me and allow your clothes to age in a relaxed and contented manner.

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Future reflections
Future reflections.jpg

Future Reflections

A hundred years ago in civilised Britain a man could sell his wife at the local market for 5/-.


In the last hundred years, machines have taken over many of the manual tasks once performed physically by men. Indeed many women now undertake the jobs once preserved for men only.


In schooling, girls frequently perform better than boys. In relationships, it can often be the woman who runs the family accounts and provides the income.


This book, in fictional terms, explores the world where women have gone beyond equal rights and evolved into the dominant gender, leaving men behind mentally and socially.






Future reflections.jpg

enjoyable and easy to read. Some provocative ideas based on what has been and what is and what might be in the future! Thoroughly recommend this book to everyone.

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